Palin Gal Surging in Nebraska Senate Race

Republicans vote today for the chance to face Democrat Bob Kerrey in his bid to return to the senate from Nebraska. Attorney General Jon Bruning has been leading the pack, but now he and Tea Party candidate Don Stenberg are being overshadowed by Deb Fischer, supported by Sarah Palin.

For the past year, if you'd asked political observers to name the candidate most likely to win the Republican nomination for Nebraska Senate, the response probably would have been state attorney general Jon Bruning.

"The winds have changed," Fischer's campaign proclaimed Monday as they touted her standing in a new automated poll of likely Republican voters conducted by a group called We Ask America. Fischer placed first in that poll for the GOP nomination with 39 percent; Bruning received 34 percent and Stenberg had 19 percent.

The vote is taking place today - Tuesday.