Paladino Reset

Carl Paladino, the GOP nominee for Governor of New York, is trying to reset his image after his rowdy run-in with a reporter last week. He was on with Matt Lauer this morning.

Paladino’s downstate TV tour continued with another game attempt to move the discussion away from his own bad behavior and back to the issues. Lauer pointed out that candidates down through the ages have campaigned on fighting the entrenched powers only to be bollixed up after election by a failure to find compromise.

“For some reason, I look at you and I’m not sure you’re a bridge-builder,” Lauer said.

“No, I bring my own sandbox,” said Paladino, blowing the metaphor entirely.

Paladino continued to explain his other analogies, such as his promise to take a baseball bat to Albany. “My baseball bat is the people,” he said.