Jon Stewart made a much balleyhooed return to Bill O'Reilly's show last night.
It was fun -- quite a bit of fun -- and sometimes even enlightening to see two of the most authentic cablecasters in the history of the medium sit down together, spar a little and deconstruct their conversation even as they were having it. The fun part. You know how funny Stewart is, but O'Reilly is incredibly fast and has a wonderful sense of humor. When O'Reilly asked Stewart if he would be "shocked" to discover that a "Democratic" poll found Fox to be the most trusted news channel on televison, Stewart cracked back with, "Are you shocked that an Internet poll said I'm the most trusted newscaster in America?" "Yeah, but that was like, Blinky did it [that poll]," O'Reilly countered. "This [the poll that cited Fox] was a big, big, big concern." Stewart lowered his head in laughter at the "Blinky" line.