Orszag Left Because Dems Weren't Serious About Deficit

Why did Peter Orszag leave as President Obama's Director of the Office Of Management & Budget?

A must-read New York profile of former Obama budget director Peter Orszag notes he's relieved at being out of the White House.

"By last summer, Orszag's relations with Rahm Emanuel and others had soured -- badly. Depending on whose spin you believe, Orszag quit over principle, telling friends he was upset by Washington's refusal to get serious about the deficit.

A less favorable view is that Orszag was marginalized by Emanuel and David Axelrod... His falling-out with the White House was a dramatic reversal for Orszag, his first real career stumble. Looking back, Orszag now says he didn't even want the job."

Said Orszag: "I didn't want to do it. Having worked in a White House before, I knew how the infighting can become all-­consuming, and I didn't want to fall into that trap again. Many of my mentors warned me that despite the 'no drama' Obama campaign, once in office this White House would inevitably be like others -- and possibly worse. And unfortunately that's exactly what happened."