Once Fringy Barnett at Center of Fight Against ObamaCare

Once viewed as a fringy law professor to be ignored for his resistance to the utter distortion of the U.S. Constitution, the ideas of Georgetown professor Randy Barnett are now at the center of the fight to save Federalism from the individual mandate in ObamaCare. The Globe features the former Boston University professor in Saturday's edition.

Barnett has vaulted into the vanguard of the conservative movement and earned national recognition for developing the basis of successful legal challenges of President Obama’s health care law. His theory on the limits of federal authority appears destined to be examined by the Supreme Court and may end up redefining congressional power.

That has made Barnett a media star of small-government conservatives. He has argued against the law on talk radio and Glenn Beck’s television program; in guest columns for Politico, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal; and in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.