O'Keefe Gets Grilled, Kicks Butt on CNN

Guerilla video journalist James O'Keefe defends his work with Howie Kurtz on Reliable Sources.

Well, I think journalists have been doing this for a long time. I think it's a form of investigative reporting that you use to seek and find the truth. People are not going to be honest with you when you have a notebook or you're in front of a podium.

I mean, Vivian Schiller, on Monday, at the National Press Club, misled America when she said that she needed federal money to survive, or she implied that. The next day, we have the chief fundraising executive saying that they don't, and they don't want federal money in the long run.

So I think reporters do a lot of stenography in this country. They do a lot of damage control, they do a lot of punditry. But real investigative reporting is showing things for what they are.