Oh, Crist

Charlie Crist is giving a wonderful presentation on how little issues or philosophy matter to politicians today.

Florida pundits are used to unpredictable election battles, but these days they are joking that they need braces for the whiplash they've suffered in trying to keep up with Governor Charlie Crist's dashes from one end of the political spectrum to the other.
Last year, the Republican Governor thought he was going to cruise into an open senate seat, capitalizing on his 'most popular politician' status in Florida. That was before Crist was made to pay for having embraced the stimulus, and for having hugged the president. Now, he has happily become an independent as he continues to move to the left.
The man who turned Crist into a Democrat to be is former Speaker of the House Marco Rubio, coming at Charlie from the Tea Party right, banging away at the governor for being a liberal Republican.
The brazenness with which Crist has adopted positions that utterly betray conservative, and Republican, priorities, has shown that political survival is the only philosophy these guys follow.
After bolting the increasingly conservative Republican Party to run as an independent for Florida's open U.S. Senate seat in November, Crist is not surprisingly courting Democratic voters. Critics say it's all too cynically apparent in his latest moves as governor, from the veto of a pro-life abortion bill (while removing his campaign website's pro-life page) to his willingness to consider easing restrictions on U.S. travel to Cuba that he'd previously backed.
Everyone knows that merit pay is a desparately needed ingredient to improve public education, but Crist wanted to do the Democrat thing - sell out to unions. Crist only cares about winning.