Oft Times Hard

Happy Holidays.

Just kidding.

Merry Christmas.

I'm thankful for my family, for my love of family, and for the love of my family.
Here's to all you all you lucky dogs, it's heads or tails. Here's to all you filthy rich, I wish you well. Here's to all the pretty women made for cash. And here's to dashing daddy's son he's such a flash.
I'm thankful for the incredible times we live in, for the amazing country we live in, for the bad times we're about to go through (because through struggle comes growth).
Here's to all the shitty jobs that I despise. Here's to two-bit guarantees and other lies. Here's to roads of burning tar and hot cement. Here's to money in my hand and where it went.
I'm thankful for independent thinkers, independent films (Hollywood is gross), and the declaration of independence.
I'm thankful for the existence of talk radio, my passion for talk radio, and those who choose to be part of the talk radio family.
Here's to people living lives that they regret. Work your fingers to the bone and sink in debt. Here's to all those shaky tricks that hustlers try. You know their easy money is oft' times hard. They flash a grin an' they wink their eye, well...
I'm thankful for all the wishes of Merry Christmas I've received, that only a dozen or so people wished me Happy Holidays this year, and that only one person wished me Happy Chanukah through all of December (I hate that people give in to the pressure to step so lightly).
I been livin' an' breathin' in the rat trap town. Tryna get over where the wall breaks down. Holdin' my head up with my thin tired arms and all my rainbow dreams
Lastly, I'm thankful for you, and your willingness to come and visit so often.

Now.... It's on to the New Year!

lyrics from Steve Forbert's Midsummer Nights Toast