The Office of Oops!

Any large voting block that delivers 94% of its vote to a politician deserves a little payback, don't you think? So what will Barack be doing to pay back black voters?
The question couldn't be avoided among members of the Trotter Group, an assemblage of African American opinion writers who convened in the nation's capital last week.
Trouble is, everything that needs fixing in America's urban areas is already controlled by Democrats.
All around, we see crumbling infrastructure, inferior public schools, grinding poverty. All which disproportionately affects African Americans. We watch as big-city mayors, including Mayor Nutter, respond to tight economic times by slashing services.
Is there a big city that isn't controlled by a Democratic machine? The inferior schools are owned and operated by the Democrats. The grinding poverty is made permanent by "safety-net" programs and giving high school diplomas to kids who can't speak English. How can Democrats change these things that they built?
Now that Obama has triumphed, black Americans can't help but feel "an awkward hopefulness," says Greg Carr, professor of African American studies at Howard University. "But we also have a sense of impending dread. We don't have a blueprint for this kind of president, and don't know what he'll do, beyond the fact he's already helped the T-shirt vendors."
Okay - there's a start. Entrepreneurial opportunities are up under Barack. Which is more useful than the schools, rendered useless by the partnership between Democrats and teachers unions.
The reality is black folks shouldn't feel like they've hit the lotto when they wake up to President Obama in the White House on Jan. 21. Nobody should.
We've all seen the video of the young black woman exulting in the joy of Barack's election - no more worry about things like paying the mortgage or buying gas.
But the hope, at least for cities, is that Obama will establish an Office of Urban Policy in the White House. It's a promise he plans to keep, says Valerie Jarrett, cochair of Obama's transition team.
Sure - that's it. Maybe they could bring back urban renewal, and institute new rules on mainstreaming and inclusion to help the schools. The Office of Urban Policy (OUP) will suck up billions of dollars as things get worse and will come to be known as OOPS. Another expensive dropped ball - making life worse, but Democrats stronger.