Occupy Boston: It's Not Over

The 47 arrested Boston Occupiers were released yesterday, and gathered for an evening rally on the common. Here's the recap from the Boston Herald and Fox 25.

“This is really a new phenomenon — something we haven’t dealt with since the 1960s in policing,” said Boston police Commissioner Edward F. Davis. “This is not over. It’s just changing.”

“It’s not over,” agreed Pattie Remer, 48, a lawyer from Back Bay, who held a cardboard sign that read “You Can’t Evict an Idea...”

Cops will continue to monitor the square and work to prevent new makeshift camps from sprouting up, Davis said, noting future actions could add to the BPD’s $1 million overtime bill. Protesters — who had lost a court battle to maintain tents on the square — may seek to take over foreclosed homes or vacant warehouses, and legal defenders suggested their rights to free speech will be protected as long as they don’t create a public safety hazard.

“In the specific instance of Dewey Square, (the judge) determined it was outweighed by public safety concerns,” said Carol Rose, executive director of the ACLU of Massachusetts. “That suggests that future actions by Occupy Boston may similarly be protected under the First Amendment depending on what they elect to do.”