Obama's Dysfunctional Three Ring Circus

Keeping you confused about what the president is up to seems of critical import to the White House. In Monday night's debt ceiling address, he pretends to be offering leadership on reducing the deficit while letting you know just how much he feels your pain. But, as George Will explains, it isn't the president who is offering leadership:

There are 87 reasons for Obama’s temporary conversion of convenience to the cause of spending restraint — the 87 House Republican freshmen. Their inflexibility astonishes and scandalizes Washington because it reflects the rarity of serene fidelity to campaign promises.

Obama’s last venture into public specificity was his February budget, which proposed accelerating the nation’s descent into debt. It was rejected by the Senate 97-0.

It's remarkable what a good job the White House does, with the help of a devoted media, in keeping the American people in the dark.