Obama Releases Bain Attack Ad

Campaign O is reaching back to Newt's arsenal against Mitt - which goes back to the Ted Kennedy campaign of 1994 - attacking Mitt Romney for his venture capital exploits. They've started with a tiny ad buy for a two minute commercial.

President Obama’s reelection team, banking on the Kennedy playbook, unveiled its first ad Monday attacking Romney’s business record, using laid-off steel workers in Missouri to paint him as a callous “vampire’’ and “job destroyer’’ who is out of touch with the average working person.

Romney, having run for office four times, is by now accustomed to defending his corporate record, which has repeatedly come under attack in his rivals’ political ads - sometimes unsuccessfully.

Charles Krauthammer responds like a Romney campaign consultant and is challenged by Mara Liasson.

He's got to make a case about how Obama is destroying the jobs in every way a president can... If he wants to make the election about jobs he loses, Obama loses.