Is Obama Really at 41%?

A New York Times poll Monday showed the president dropping 9 points - from 50% approval to 41% - in just a month. And a Washington Post poll shows him with a 46% approval. But other surveys have the president gaining popularity, not dropping.

The latest numbers come from the Pew Research Center and show Obama’s job approval – probably the most important political statistic at this time of year – at 50%, against 41% disapproving.

A Reuters-Ipsos poll put Obama’s job approval at 50% to 48%, essentially unchanged from the month before. And a Bloomberg News poll had Obama’s job approval at 48%, up from 45% in September, when the poll was last conducted.

With gas prices rising and economic news turning negative, it's hard to imagine the president would be unaffected... but we'll have to wait for more numbers to see what's going on.