Obama to Play Games, Not Fix Social Security

Paul Ryan has a "Roadmap" to put the country on solid fiscal ground, which suggests making adjustments to Social Security to keep the program viable. That makes him a target of the socialists, who are apparently prepared to demagogue the issue rather than face up to the deficit.

"Most of us would like to see the Democrats remain the strong defenders of Social Security, which they have to be if they want to win the next election," said Roger Hickey, co-director of the liberal Campaign for America's Future.

Even President Obama won't support the modest proposals offered by his own debt commission, so how far is Ryan likely to get? Listen to the socialists take the easy way out, and hang Ryan out to dry for being responsible!

Administration officials said Obama was unlikely to specifically endorse any of the deficit commission's recommendations in the speech, but cautioned that he was unlikely to rule them off the table, either. On Social Security, for example, he is likely to urge lawmakers to work together to make the program solvent, without going into details, according to congressional sources.

How's that Hope & Change workin' for ya?