Obama Money Advantage Negated

One effect of a bad economy is people feeling powerless. Mitt Romney would be powerless to get that message out if he didn't have financial help from PAC's like Karl Rove's American Crossroads.

Romney’s other major allies in the air wars include Americans for Prosperity, a “social welfare’’ organization cofounded and partially funded by the billionaire businessmen Koch brothers, David and Charles, which has spent about $13.9 million on ads slamming the incumbent president in the past 10 weeks...

An ad with a similar theme from a group called Restore Our Future has been running over the past month in support of Romney.

The Boston Globe explains that, despite the fact that the Obama campaign has far more money to spend right now (as a result of the quirks of campaign finance laws), this advantage is offset by this spending from independent groups.

From May 1 through this week, the Obama campaign had spent about $86 million on ads compared to $32.3 million for the Romney campaign, according to data compiled for one of the groups involved in the ad battle. Among outside groups, however, those allied with Romney had outspent those backing Obama by about $80 million to $13 million, the report shows, tilting the overall spending edge to the Republican side.