Obama: Man of Many Jobs Plans

When the president rolls out yet another jobs plan after his Vineyard vacation, will he be making a realistic attempt to get government out of the way of economic growth or will he be posing for voters?

Obama will seek to use his economic proposals as leverage against Republicans in Congress, hoping to show a nation disgusted with gridlock that he is the one trying to get results. Obama's re-election campaign and the White House are also sure to use any specific ideas from the president as a way to blunt attacks from the Republicans hoping to run against him in next year's presidential election.

Republican White House contender Mitt Romney, campaigning in New Hampshire, needled Obama for showing up with too little and too late on the economy. "But we appreciate the fact that he's going to devote some time to it," Romney said. "Not just going to be on the bus tour, not just going to be vacationing in Martha's Vineyard, but giving some thought to the American people."

The month seems to be a loser for the president as Republicans take center stage while he chases Rick Perry around Iowa and prepares to transition from feeling America's pain to relaxing on a 28 acre oceanfront retreat on Martha's Vineyard.