Obama Losing

When the former President took us to war, Ted Kennedy famously announced that Iraq was George Bush's Vietnam. He was wrong. However, the war on terror could end up being Barack Obama's Vietnam.
Confidence in the War on Terror has fallen to its lowest level in nearly a year. Just 42% now believe the U.S. and its allies are winning. That’s down dramatically from 63% in early February.
As the President strokes his base by demonizing Bush over waterboarding three terrorists, he's sending a powerful signal that America will be weaker on fighting terrorism.
That’s down from 50% two weeks ago, down from 62% in early February, and is the lowest level of confidence since June 30, 2008.
Wow. Confidence on the fight against terror down a third in a couple of months? That's a big crack in the wall of the great Obama fantasy.
Just over a third (34%) say the situation in Iraq will get better in the next six months, also the lowest level of confidence since last June. Twenty-seven percent (27%) say the situation will get worse.
As Obama seems determined to stay in Iraq on the McCain schedule, he'll take full ownership of that war, which had been going well when Bush left office.
In the long-term, just 32% say the U.S. mission in Iraq will be judged as a success while 39% say it will be deemed a failure.