Obama: A Different Kind of Campaign

Anyone remember 2008? It was a different time...

Do we want to have the same old attack politics that we've become accustomed to? The same slash and burn politics?

Obama seems to have become what he hated - here's what he said about Hillary in the same month, April of '08.

"You've been watching this campaign for a couple weeks, at least here in Pennsylvania, and let's face it, it's not pretty," Obama said. "But the issue is not whether people are saying nasty things, the problem is that it's a distraction from solving the problems that have to be solved."

Clinton is trying to divide Pennsylvania voters, according to Obama. "This is a choice in this primary, do you want the same slash and burn politics or do you believe it is possible for us to bring people together?"

And this classic...

"I'm not in this race to fit into Washington; I am in this race to change Washington," Obama said. "I want to get the Republicans to start sitting down with Democrats and independents to actually solve problems for the American people."