NPR Controversy Grows As Juan Hosts O'Reilly

NPR has stomped on the hornets nest with its firing of Juan Williams, who was the guest host for Bill O'Reilly Friday night.

I used to think the left-wing was the home of tolerance, open-mindedness, and respect for all viewpoints, but now I've learned the truth the hard way.

Juan lamented the groupthink that infects NPR and other left-leaning organizations: "The minute you vary from liberal orthodoxy you are fair game for any smear or personal attack. It looks like you have an issue here where people are not allowed to state their point of view."

Juan is learning what conservatives have long known - that liberals like to talk about empathy and compassion, but these are buzzwords that don't find their way into practice. And now the dopes who fired him have a real problem on their hands.

But let me tell you what you can say on National Public Radio without losing your job. Nina Totenberg wished that Senator Jesse Helms and his grandchildren would get AIDS and she's still working there. A so-called 'humorist' on NPR said the world would be a better place if 4-million Christians evaporated. Hilarious! And calling millions of members of the tea party movement a sexual pejorative - 'teabaggers' - won't get you in hot water either. So it seems some opinions are more equal than others at NPR.