Nothin' Yet

In May of his first year in office, Barack Obama is very popular. His 65% approval rating puts him in a tie with another of the great Democrats - Jimmy Carter.
So far in May, Barack Obama has averaged 65% job approval. Since World War II, only three of the previous eight presidents elected to their first terms -- Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan -- have had a higher average approval rating in May of their first year. Obama's average exceeds those of the three most recent presidents -- George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.
Ronald Reagan ran 3 points higher at this point in his presidency, and JFK had a 77% rating. What we can learn from these numbers is, of course, that they really mean nothing.
President Barack Obama wrapped a west coast swing by hitting up donors for big money Wednesday night in Los Angeles, providing a progress report on his presidency and telling supporters they, "ain't seen nothing yet."
With skyrocketing deficits and plans for big new spending to add more crushing debt, a $50 billion dollar investment in a virtually worthless GM, and radical activists on the Supreme Court, we can only assume that he's right.