Not Only Her

Would you be more horrified to be represented in the U.S. Senate by a woman who dated a witch when she was in high school, or a man, Chris Coons, who called himself the Bearded Marxist when he was in college.

Coons, 47, has already been targeted by Republicans for an article he wrote for the Amherst College newspaper when he was 21 -- a piece entitled "Chris Coons: The Making of a Bearded Marxist."

Let's see the media put some hate on Coons!

Coons wrote about his political evolution from a conservative college student who founded the Amherst College Republicans into a Democrat suspicious of America's power and ideals. The transformation, he said, came during a trip to Kenya.

Coons alluded to his past in a debate Thursday with O'Donnell, saying Delaware residents are interested in what candidates will do to create jobs, reduce the national debt and fix what he called a broken political system in Washington, and that they're not "particularly interested in statements that either of us made 20 or 30 years ago."

Coons could still be hurt by the fact that Harry Reid referred to him as his "pet," and because Joe Biden will be back in his home state to campaign for him, but the latest poll shows Coons leading by 11 points.

O'Donnell doesn't appear fazed by the poll, especially since she trailed veteran Rep. Mike Castle before shocking him in the Republican primary on Tuesday.

Eleven points is a very – a gap that we can certainly close," she said. "You know, about a month before the primary, I was at least 15 points behind my Republican opponent, so I'm very confident that we can win."

Sarah Palin has warned O'Donnell that the media is out to get her.

"C[hristine] O'Donnell strategy: time's limited;use it 2 connect w/local voters whom you'll be serving vs appeasing nat'l media seeking ur destruction," Palin tweeted.

Which may explain why O'Donnell canceled her weekend appearances on Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday.