Not No One

It takes one to not know one.
Sen. Scott Brown's (R-Mass.) election has been shown to be "a joke," the son of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) said Thursday.
Coming from a guy who has cornered the market on being a joke, this is an intriguing accusation!
Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) castigated Brown for having pushed to be sworn in ahead of schedule to permanently fill the Senate seat left vacant by the congressman's father's death in August.
How shaken are Dems over Scott that they're reduced to this sort of pettiness? He's a bad person for wanting to assume the office to which he was elected?
"Brown's whole candidacy was shown to be a joke today when he was sworn in early in order to cast his first vote as an objection to Obama's appointment to the NLRB," Kennedy said Thursday. Kennedy was referencing some Democrats' thoughts that Brown tried to bump up his swearing-in in order to give Republicans 41 votes, enough to filibuster the nomination of Craig Becker, a controversial nominee to join the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).
Democrats twice changed Massachusetts election laws - the holy grail of democratic government - to maliciously gain control over the senate succession process. Senator Paul Kirk, a Kennedy crony, was put into the seat by the Obama/Kennedy machine following Teddy's death in order that Obama would have that precious 60th vote to force through health care.
"Seven out of ten of Brown's voters were labor households and he stressed that he was independent and while he was originally scheduled to be sworn in next week, they moved it up to today so he could cast his first vote, the most anti-labor, the most anti-what his constituents thought they were voting for when they voted for him," Kennedy said.
Everyone who believes in representative government should have been eager to get Scott sworn in as quickly as possible in order to get the fraud Kirk removed.
Brown, for his part, has denied trying to move up his nomination to block Becker's nomination. "This is where he shows that when they need him, he's in the tank for the Republicans," Kennedy said.
Kirk's job was to be in the tank for health care. His appointment was made possible by Democrats in Massachusetts who were in the tank for socialized medicine. Patrick, who has spent most of his adult life tanked, is in congress because of his family name. His father got to the U.S. Senate through the manipulations of President Kennedy. President Kennedy got to the White House because his father bought him the office.
A poll released Thursday night by WPRI-TV (Channel 12) showed 62 percent of voters statewide gave the eight-term congressman an unfavorable job rating. Just 35 percent of respondents in Kennedy’s district said they would vote to reelect him. Meanwhile, 31 percent said they would consider a different candidate and 28 percent said they would vote to replace him if the election were held today. The poll was conducted between Jan. 27 and Jan. 31 and had a margin of error of at least 3.8 percentage points.
It takes a joke like Patrick to know a joke when he doesn't see one.