Not That Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh isn't much of a Tea Party candidate. But he does a good job in this ad of forcing his leftist opponent not to veer off into abortion to escape responsibiliy for being a Pelosi socialist.

Walsh is an affable and charming two-time loser for political office with a Clintonian ability to feign sincerity.  In this race he has rebranded himself to appeal to the Tea Party sentiments so popular in the 8th District.  When he ran for Congress in 1996 in the Liberal 9th District, Walsh was pro-choice, supported the anti-gun Brady bill, favored gay rights, and was in favor of open borders. 

Today, he claims an “abortion is murder” pro-life stance, has joined the NRA, believes that marriage should be between “one man and one woman,” and wants our borders enforced.

Walsh may be a born-again conservative, but he still may beat incumbent Illinois Democrat Melissa Bean.

In this past term, Bean has sided with Pelosi on virtually every issue that has given rise to the Tea Party movement including TARP, cap and trade, the stimulus, and Obamacare.  In the summer of 2009 when voter anger erupted at town hall meetings around the country, Bean chose to insulate herself from her constituents’ wrath by hiding behind a series of “telephone town halls” where she could answer pre-screened softball questions from a carefully chosen audience and invitation-only events meant to give the appearance of remaining engaged with the public.