Not Cool

The vacation of the Obama family, and the cooling off of the intensity of voter outrage over health reform, has not stopped the President's drop in popularity. Most voting Americans now say they're not happy with the presidency of Barack Obama, according to Rasmussen.
Overall, 46% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance. That’s the lowest level of total approval yet measured for Obama. Fifty-three percent (53%) now disapprove.
How about the swing voters - the independents who decide elections?
As for those not affiliated with either major party, 66% disapprove. Eighty-one percent (81%) of Democrats approve while 83% of Republicans disapprove.
Seniors are the nation's fastest growing voting block, and they're also the ones most concerned with letting Congress tamper with health care.
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 30% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-one percent (41%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -11
It is largely seniors who are filling town hall meetings like the one I attended Saturday on Boston's North Shore - we had 200 people there on a stormy August afternoon. They aren't happy with Hope & Change.