Noonan: Ryan & Christie Still Considering

Are Paul Ryan and Chris Christie really considering getting into the GOP presidential race? Peggy Noonan, among others, says there's lots of buzz.

Paul Ryan, there's talk. Chris Christie. The talk about Chris Christie has not gone away no matter how much he, he says he won't do it.

My sense of Republicans on the ground in America, they don't think the field is full and they don't want the field to be full. They want more people to choose from. That's why there's this constant chatter, not only with, with Mitch Daniels, who you just had on and, and who many people feel in the party a kind of almost nostalgia for the candidacy that could have been there.

While it's hard to imagine either of them getting in - both would be moving into the presidential realm too early in their careers - both must also be looking at the Obama collapse with frustration that their opportunity will be gone in 2016.