No White Workers 'Round Here

It's not very often that I agree with Robert Reich. So before I go on a tear about his comments on the stimulous package, let me show you one example that proves that on occasion, the former Labor Secretary can make sense.
When asked by e-mail, "What's the real difference between me bribing a customs agent so that I can bring a banned substance into the country or me contributing money to a senator and then cajoling him into making the substance legal for import?" Reich answered, "Frankly, I don't see much difference. A bribe is a bribe. People authorized only to act in the public interest may not use their office for private gain. Period."
That I agree with. This I don't.
Families of white, male construction workers may want to pay attention: Robert Reich has opined that the Obama stimulus funds allocated to businesses in the construction industry should be withheld specifically from white men. YouTube features a clip of this memorable little tidbit of political lunacy at work.
Is the stimulus package supposed to fix the economy, so that all boats get lifted, or is it a social program?
While it is comforting that in the audio clip Mr. Reich is quick to disclose that he has "nothing against while male construction workers," the fact that he does not want stimulus generated jobs to go to "white male construction workers" is gravely disconcerting. Even more alarming is the fact that Barack Obama has remained mum about the opinions expressed by his economic adviser.
Barack must be pleased to have his white radical advisers injecting racially crude thinking into the public discourse.
Would there have been an outcry has Mr. Reich suggested keeping the stimulus funds from being spent on "black male construction workers" or "undocumented alien construction workers?" Maybe it would have made waves had he opined on "Jewish construction workers" or "female construction workers?" As it stands, it would appear that Robert Reich has declared open season on white males.
White males. A voting block that Democrats are thrilled to see shrinking.