No Reading

When my brother Doug was learning to read, he was befuddled by the highway abbreviation for North Reading as we drove by on Route 128.

Doug figured out, eventually, that the sign was not a command - "Dad, how come there's No Reading?" - but it's amazing how many others didn't.
The first person who had to admit he had never read the Arizona law Attorney General Eric Holder made his admission last week. On Monday, it was Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's turn. On Tuesday, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley revealed that he, too, had not read the bill, despite commenting on it. One gets a sneaking suspicion that the administration might just be feigning ignorance about the law rather than admitting to knowingly making outrageous statements about racism.
The truth is, reading the law doesn't matter much to the evil ones, as they're not much interested in the truth when engaging in public policy discussions. The radical agenda is to demonize those who believe in America, even when this pits the Democrats against the tide of voter anger. Look what offering strong leadership has done for Governor Jan Brewer:
In March, Attorney General Terry Goddard led Brewer 45-36%. After signing the immigration bill into law, Brewer led Goddard by 8 points -- 48%-40%. Now her lead is 13 points. The results aren't too surprising when you consider the electorate's embrace of the law. Despite the media's focus on the minority who oppose the law, Arizonans support it -- big time. By a 71%-24% margin, Arizona voters are in favor of the law.
Is this only part of the Democrats' long term plan to divide the country along racial/ethnic lines for political gain, or does it also work in the short term? The liberal base may be excited about abandoning the rule of law, but mainstream Americans aren't.
Most U.S. voters have been following news reports about the new immigration law in Arizona, and 55% favor passage of such a law in their own state. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 33% of voters are opposed to enactment of that kind of law. Another 12% are not sure.
Americans want their own Arizona law by a 22 point margin? Despite the national support for Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer says she gets no response from Washington on her requests for help, even as Presidents Obama and Calderon bond in their opposition to Arizona.