No to Nimby

College towns are the best place to see the liberal vision realized in policy. Amherst, Massachusetts, home to UMASS, Amherst and other schools, is the wackiest town in the state.
This quaint leafy town in Western Massachusetts is known for its diverse mix of college students and retirees, a former farming community characterized by suburban small talk just as much as cultural institutions. But it is never one to shy from foreign policy, either.
They love sticking their noses into national, and international, affairs.
“We like to set our own foreign policy,’’ said Ruth Hooke, a retired University of Massachusetts professor, a Town Meeting member, and participant in Pioneer Valley No More Guantanamos, a local chapter of a national movement calling for the release of detainees imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay.
Which provides all of us the opportunity to see what the real thinking is among the true believers - who now, by the way, just happen to run the country.
Hooke and others want to welcome at least two of the detainees to Amherst, population around 30,000 depending on whether classes are in session.
Empathy run amock.
Under a petition Hooke submitted to the town’s Select Board - approved by a 2-1 vote Monday night - the town will call on Congress to rescind its ban on detainees resettling in the United States, and will welcome Ahmed Belbacha, originally from Algeria, and Ravil Mingazov, arrested in Pakistan, to Amherst. The measure will go before a Special Town Meeting on Nov. 2.
So, yesterday, investigators arrested a Massachusetts man, living with his parents in an affluent Boston suburb a couple of hours from Amherst, for being a terror planner.
Here's my idea for punishment - send him to live in Amherst.