Newt Steps Up Anti-Mitt Campaign

Put any thoughts about Newt Gingrich going away peacefully out of your head - he's in New Hampshire and hitting hard at Mitt Romney, determined to deepen the divide between Mitt and conservatives.

Mocking Tuesday night’s results in Iowa – where Mitt Romney defeated Rick Santorum by eight votes and Ron Paul finished third with 21.4% -- Gingrich said it was evident that Romney was only capable of winning over roughly a quarter of his own party.

Gingrich noted that Romney is “supposedly the frontrunner,” has run for president twice and spent millions of dollars yet only was able to add a small portion of votes to his tally in Iowa in 2008. “The fact is three out of four republicans rejected it [his campaign],” he said. “Governor Romney is a moderate Massachusetts Republican to the left of the vast majority of Republicans.”

With Laura Ingraham on Wednesday, Newt didn't pause when asked if he and Rick Santorum might work together to stop Mitt.