Newt Defends Against Sex-Hypocrisy Charge

Newt Gingrich was on Fox News Sunday this week and explained that pursuing impeachment against Bill Clinton wasn't because he'd had an affair, but because he'd lied under oath. So, says Gingrich, it was not relevant that he was having an affair at the same time as Clinton.

WALLACE: ...At the same time, you were leading that charge, you were having an affair. Isn’t that hypocrisy?

GINGRICH: ... I understood that in a federal court, in a case in front of a federal judge, to commit a felony, which is what he did, perjury was a felony. The question I raised was simple: should a president of the united states be above the law? [...]

WALLACE: I’ll ask you man-to-man. did you think to yourself I’m living in a really glass house? Maybe I shouldn’t be throwing stones?

GINGRICH: No. I thought to myself if I cannot do what I have to do as a public leader, I would have resigned.