News Slant

The bowing thing is getting confusing. Obama was back in the presence of the King of Saudi Arabia today, and he didn't bow in greeting or otherwise attempt to humiliate himself, or the American people, like he did two months ago.
President Obama arrived in the Saudi capital Wednesday afternoon and greeted King Abdullah with a hand shake and a nod of the head, forgoing the bow that Mr. Obama controversially gave the King back in April at their first meeting.
You remember the Obama bow, don't you?
On the other hand, Brian Williams, at the White House for a suck up session, did do some bowing - althout he did it with far more dignity that the President did for His Royal Highness.
That's not a bow! One must prostrate oneself to the bowee! Let's review how it's done!
The good news is that the Brian William bow really seems like a more subdued act of deference to Obama than the standard genuflect we've been seeing the past couple of years.