Newly Emboldened, Deval Chases Benefits for Illegals

The lying snake who is the governor of Massachusetts spent a long re-election cycle pretending that his support for illegal immigrants was a thing of the past. He has now shed his campaign skin.

Gov. Deval Patrick says he'll use his second term to try to implement the rest of an advisory panel's recent recommendations on immigration reform, including in-state tuition for illegal immigrant students and more English classes.

The master of the "we're looking into that," and the "that's not allowed under federal law" style dodge isn't wasting much time getting into the chase for the thing he wants most - things that are bad for citizens.

The governor spoke at the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition's annual Thanksgiving luncheon.

The crowd gave the governor a standing ovation, and advocates said Patrick's support for immigrants won him the votes of various immigrant communities in the recent election.

Last year, an advisory panel released a report on possible Massachusetts immigration reforms, and advocates have been pressing Patrick to push for dozens of recommendations in the report.

That advisory panel consisted of the folks from MIRA and their co-conspirators.

Patrick told immigrant advocates Tuesday that the moves will help better integrate the state's immigrant population, seventh largest in the country.

The socialists have tons of compassion - just not for people who pay the bills in Massachusetts.