New House Leaders Do Sunday Talk

There's not much upside to the latest stimulus - a $600 billion monetary infusion by the Fed - says Congressman Paul Ryan, who takes over the House Budget Committee in January.

"I think its going to give us a big inflation problem down the road," Ryan said... Ryan said the Fed should stick to its main job of ensuring price stability, adding that the Fed's plan was "destabilizing" investment outlooks.

Ryan becomes chairman as the new majority assumes power in January. He explains that repealing the health care bill, if doable, requires deposing Obama in 2012.

"You can't fully repeal and replace this law until you have a new president and a better Senate. And that's probably in 2013, but that's before the law fully kicks in in 2014."

The GOP has tricks it can use to muddy the health law waters, assures Boehner.

The New York Times reported Sunday that the Republican strategy includes limiting money for the Internal Revenue Service so that it could not aggressively enforce the provisions of the law that require people to obtain coverage and employers to help pay for it. That provision of the law depends heavily on the fact that those who don't comply would face tax penalties.

John Boehner says:

"Trust me. I'm Going To Make Sure This Health Care Bill Is Never, Ever, Ever Implemented."