Susan Boyle
Some are now calling her videos the most watched in internet history!
Miss Boyle's voice stunned the judges on the ITV1 talent contest and propelled her to fame. She could soon match the hits achieved by Evolution Of Dancefrom comedian Judson Laipply, which has been viewed more than 118m times since 2006. The unassuming 47-year-old Scot has eclipsed viewing figures for Barack Obama's historic victory speech, which has received 18.5m hits.
In just one week, she has also beaten the video of George W. Bush ducking a shoe in Iraq, viewed 33.2m times. Miss Boyle's appearances on US TV shows have further increased the momentum. Web stats firm Visible Measures calculated 200 videos of Miss Boyle's song had been viewed nearly 50m times by Friday. This figure then doubled over the weekend.