Neighborhood Nuts

This reminds one of an ACORN event.

Against a green backdrop of overhanging trees and manicured lawns, an army of 1,100 nurses wearing red scrubs descended onto Edge Road in Atherton on Thursday, storming the quiet street where Republican gubernatorial nominee and nurses union foe Meg Whitman resides.
Remember? Part of the process ACORN used to get banks into the business of giving loans to those who couldn't pay them back was intimidation - protesting in bank lobbies or at the homes of executives.
The 86,000-member union fears that, if elected, Whitman will weaken the state's nurse-to-patient ratios and will fire health workers as part of her plan to lay off 40,000 public employees.
The union has fears, so it organizes its workers, buses them in from miles around, and marches into a residential neighborhood with hundreds of protesters.
Whitman, who was touting her jobs plan at a news conference in Ontario (San Bernardino County) as nurses marched down her street and posed for photographs in front of her multimillion-dollar home, has said she does support the current nurse-to-patient ratios.
The Democrat/Union partnership has driven California to the brink of bankruptcy, and they seek to keep their government funding coming, even long after the government has been sucked dry.