Neighbor: Whitey a Rage-oholic

Whitey may look like a kindly old man with his full, white beard, but at least one neighbor says he was an angry man.

A woman who lived across the hall from crime boss James "Whitey" Bulger and his girlfriend, Catherine Greig, in Santa Monica said the 81-year-old crime boss appeared to be mentally deteriorating.

In an interview with The Times inside her third-floor apartment, Barbara Gluck said Greig told her that Bulger was suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

His girlfriend, Gluck said, would accompany him everywhere and she never saw him alone. Gluck would often say hello to the woman, whom she described as glamorous and charming. When the woman smiled and said hello back, Bulger would snap, "Why are you saying hello to her?"

"She was living with hell ... he was a rageaholic," Gluck said. "I worried about her."

Still, Gluck said she was charmed by the pair: "How can I put this? They were a very attractive couple."

When Greig was alone she would reach out to her neighbor, Gluck said. Recently Greig learned that Gluck went to a nearby bargain store every Wednesday for deals on organic produce. Gluck started to go as well.

And Greig would often be seen taking magazines and small packages that were left below the mailboxes because they didn't fit and hand-delivering them to the building's residents.

Beyond that, Gluck said, the couple never socialized, and their only hobby seemed to be strolls through the neighborhood. Gluck said it never struck her they were anything but a normal couple.