Music Stops on Deval's Dance

What is Deval Patrick's premise for reelection? Things sure are tough out there in the world, but here in Massachusetts we're doing just fine...

Sales for single-family homes in Massachusetts fell 12.9 percent in September when compared with the same month a year ago, said the Warren Group, a Boston firm that tracks local real estate activity.

A total of 3,285 single-family homes sold in September, the lowest number of sales recorded in September since 1991, said the firm, adding that September 2010 was the third straight month for year-over-year sales declines. The expiring of a temporary federal tax credits designed to help home buyers is one reason for the drop.

"The continuing decline in sales in September was expected," Timothy M. Warren Jr., chief executive of the Warren Group, said in a statement. "The market has clearly slowed, and comparisons with the sales in the fall of 2009 are unfavorable due to the expiring tax credit."

...and we're leading the country with our rebounding jobs market!

Massachusetts lost 24,000 jobs from August to September this year.

This is seems to be a strategy that was laid out many months ago when the assumption was that, as planned, all the Obama spending would time just right on the economy to trick the people into thinking things aren't so bad. The music stopped, and there are no seats for Deval.