Mubarak Still Hanging On

Update from Egypt.

Helicopters hovered over Cairo's Tahrir Square Monday morning as anti-government demonstrations continued for a seventh day and showed no signs of waning.

At least 1,000 people were gathered in the area, a focal point of the protests that started Tuesday. Some of them said they had spent the night, and the smell of smoke from campfires lingered in the air.

Mubarak has given no indications of giving up his 30-year rule.

On Sunday, he urged the leaders of his new Cabinet to undertake "dialogue with all the (political) parties," according to a transcript of his remarks read on state-run Nile TV.

Shops and businesses were looted and abandoned police stations were stripped clean of their arsenals. Men with makeshift weapons patrolled neighborhoods, creating checkpoints to fill the void left when police stopped patrolling the streets.