Motorcade: Is it Obama's or Whitey's?

James Bulger and Catherine Grieg were returned to Boston from LA Friday afternoon for a 4pm hearing in the Moakley Federal Courthouse.

The return to Boston of fugitive gangster James "Whitey" Bulger after 16 years on the run was met Friday with high security at a courthouse not even built when he fled the city and curious spectators who don't remember the heyday of his alleged criminal enterprise.

Now 81, Bulger arrived at the waterfront courthouse in South Boston Friday afternoon. Several black SUVs with a police motorcycle escort paused briefly in front of before proceeding to a rear entrance, where occupants in some of the SUVs exited out of view.

In Boston, the courthouse security included at least two Coast Guard boats, one state police vessel and a police boat patrolling the harbor directly behind the building. One of the people in court will be a brother who was once one of the most powerful politicians in Massachusetts.

Whitey's younger brother Billy was there.

William Bulger, the former state senate president, declined to comment when he arrived Friday afternoon. He referred to his earlier statement expressing sympathy for the "families hurt by the calamitous circumstances" of his brother's case.