Morgan Freeman Endorses GOP? Or Not.

Listen to Morgan Freeman offer his support to a GOP candidate in North Carolina.

IF YOU'RE a North Carolinian who was going to vote for Republican B.J. Lawson because Morgan Freeman told you to, you may want to reconsider.

Wait - are you telling me that's not Morgan Freeman?

Freeman is disputing the candidate's claim that he did a voiceover for a campaign ad.

He said in a statement through his publicist yesterday that he never recorded any ads for Lawson and does not support his candidacy. Lawson is trying to unseat Democratic Rep. David Price.

The ad features a narrator with a voice that resembles Freeman's. The narrator concludes, "It's time that you and I had a voice in Washington. Vote B.J. Lawson for Congress."

Lawson and campaign manager Martin Avila initially said Freeman had done the ad. Lawson later backed off that claim.

Amazing that the campaign lied about it. A simple - "jeez, a few people have mentioned that, but we didn't notice," would have done them much better.