More Israel Troubles for Barack

Barack did a flip-flop on Jerusalem this week, exactly not the way to engender confidence in pro-Israel voters who are concerned about his pro-Palestinian attitude and his desire to sit-down for a chat with the president of Iran.

Speaking to AIPAC early in the week, Barack said:

"Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided."

Then, on Thursday, he told CNN that that fate of the city would be up to Israel and the Palestinians to discuss.
A campaign adviser also told the Jerusalem Post that the U.S. senator from
Illinois would not rule out Palestinian sovereignty over parts of the
disputed city. The clarifications came after Obama's remarks to the AIPAC confab in
Washington were met with harsh reaction from the Palestinians.

Instead of calming the situation, it has been exacerbated. Not good news for the guy with the best judgment for handling international affairs, as some speculate that this sort of mistake is a sign of inexperience.