More Beautiful

Poor Ed Schultz is on MSNBC, which few people see. Were his rants not fun for the Blogosphere to pass around, his attempts to lift himself up on the coat tails of Fox News, Glenn Beck or O'Reilly would go unnoticed.

Progressive leaders have seized on the Shirley Sherrod episode as a rallying cry for liberal activists gathered here for the annual Netroots Nation convention, pointing to the spectacle as an example of the influence of conservative media.

"They must have a war room at the White House," Ed Schultz, a liberal radio host and MSNBC anchor, said at Thursday night's opening session. "I think they've got a sissy room, too."

Thanks for the memories, Ed. But the annual gathering of the undo the Constitution crowd yielded other rising stars, as well.

Van Jones, the former White House green jobs czar who resigned last year amid a scandal stoked by Fox News host Glenn Beck and other conservatives, condemned conservative media.

"We're in a world where we've taken away our immune system, the old filters, the old gatekeepers . . . so the information system has taken a huge leap forward but the wisdom system has not," Jones added. "People are now engineering viruses and pumping them into the body politic."

Jones said Sherrod is "like Rosa Parks . . . and she got slimed."

I don't share the view that Democracy is being threatened by breaking the hold that the elite had on the dissemination of information. The wild west atmosphere right now has its victims, no doubt, but the upside is monumental. Shirley Sherrod, lovely woman that she appears to be, has never been more influential.

Jon Vogel, executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, was asked in a panel on Friday about the Sherrod incident and said the progressive movement needs to fight harder against the conservative media.

"We've got to fight back against what they're doing, and that's incumbent upon everybody here," Vogel said.

They're right. Making people aware for the first time about the true, anti-consitutional radicalism of the Democrats is going to be devastating for them politically.