Mitt Check

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has an op-ed piece in the Washington Times today outlining his views on Card Check.
In 2006, my last year as governor of Massachusetts, I vetoed a card-check bill that allowed public workers to organize if a majority signed union authorization cards as opposed to casting a traditional secret ballot. The veto was a gain for the rights of employees and employers to a fair election, but the victory was short-lived.
After Mitt left office, the measure was passed again, and signed into law by his successor, Deval Patrick.
With this powerful new tool, for the first time ever in Massachusetts, a charter school was unionized. One reason so many parents want their children in charter schools is precisely because they operate free of union contracts, so that when administrators want to try something new, they can implement it quickly.
Democrats are responsible for the destruction of schools in this country, driven by their partnership with the unions.
The union drive started last year when the American Federation of Teachers met with a small group of teachers from the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston. Throughout the summer, they worked behind the scenes to sign up a majority of the 20 teachers at the school. Administrators learned of the successful organizing effort only after the decision to unionize had been made. For parents who may have liked the idea of a union-free school, there was no chance to be heard.
Democrats pursue non-educational goals that hurt education, then push for more money for schools to please unions. Parents, who see what a bad job the schools are doing, support the Democrats who favor higher spending in hopes of improved results for their children, not realizing that bad policies passed by Dems themselves created the need for the increased spending. Finally, Dems campaign as the education party.
Leaders in the Democratic Party are eager to pay back the union bosses for their campaign support, even if it means selling out the American worker. Responsible members of Congress need to make it clear that Washington will not act to virtually impose unions on businesses. It is undemocratic, and it would devastate business formation and employment, worsening the present economic crisis.
Americans need to become conscious of just how destructive this union/party partnership is.