Mitch Daniels is the Most Popular Governor in America

The very popular Mitch Daniels, considered to have strong potential as a GOP presidential candidate in 2012, promotes means testing Social Security as a way to cut government spending, making liberals nervous.

One of the ideas that Daniels promoted during this interview as the rich potentially doing their share is the Trojan House of means testing Social Security which is nothing but an attempt by the right to turn the program into another form of welfare... and we all know what Republicans think of welfare programs.

Pretty dull stuff, I know. But the Indiana Republican wins points when he's in jeans and tee shirt hopping on his Harley. Also, he doesn't mind talking serious policy.

I'm impressed by Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels's op-ed laying out his proposal for "a time-limited, emergency growth program." It's a real plan, with concrete policy ideas that might actually make a difference. It's mercifully free from vague hand-waving about business uncertainty and government spending.