Mitch Daniels Makes CPAC Happy

He was White House political director under Reagan, and now he's the very popular, Harley driving, governor of Indiana. Mitch Daniels is making presidential buzz of his own after his speech at CPAC.

Most of the previous speakers offered the crowd varying portions of red meat - and attacks on President Obama - designed to evoke applause. Daniels instead gave it a sobering speech on a sobering topic. He talked about what he called the "new red menace," the sea of red ink in Washington that he argued is the greatest threat to the United States' future.

Daniels is trying to rouse his party, and then perhaps the whole country, to confront this looming problem. Other speakers at the conference have discussed the deficit and debt. Others have talked about the importance of reducing spending. But none has done it with as much power and seriousness as Daniels, who described the threat in apocalyptic terms.