Middle School Forced to Treat American Flag with Respect

Last week, his flag was banned from his bicycle as he rode to his California middle school. This week, Cody Alicea was celebrated with a motorcycle escort as he rode to school.

As flags flew, cameras rolled and motorcycles revved around him, the unlikely hero in the patriotic tale that swept up this town broke into tears.

Cody’s stepfather, Robert Kinser, called a TV news crew after he learned what happened.

Though the district reversed its stance — Parraz said he’d be happy if every kid in Denair had a flag on his bike — the issue went viral on the Internet and newscasts.

Several national bloggers picked up on it and encouraged followers to contact the school district, one suggesting sending a million flags to Denair. State Sen. Jeff Denham, recently elected to Congress, offered to fly Cody to Washington, D.C. for his swearing-in ceremony in January.

The uprising caught the socialists off-guard. They were just doing what seemed normal - treating the American Flag as having no greater significance than the Mexican Flag.

The Denair school board held an emergency meeting Sunday to discuss a potential lawsuit from a rights group that has threatened to sue.

But while pundits and politicians have picked up on the issue, organizers said the local effort was designed to show the country that Denair as a community is not anti-flag, or anti-American.

Before leaving the lot to continue his ride to school, Cody exchanged a hug with Denair Unified School District Superintendent Ed Parraz, his former school principal. Parraz again apologized for the incident and took responsibility for it.

“This happened on my watch,” he said, pledging to learn from the issue and move the district ahead.

The liberal world has equated flying the flag with an act of hostility, and that's how they were able to make such an incredibly stupid decision. The fact that they adjusted after realizing their mistake doesn't change that.