Michael Yon: Report From Kandahar

31 American soldiers, most of them Navy Seals from the unit that killed bin Laden, died when their chopper was shot down Saturday. Michael Yon, a self-employed embedded reporter, posted this photo and statement on his website:

06 August 2011
Zhari District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

A tragic loss of dozens of Americans and Afghan partners has occurred.  Apparently their helicopter was shot down during a raid.  The investigation is underway.

This sad day will not deter or slow US forces.  No doubt that tonight other helicopter assaults are underway.    The image above was made last weekend just minutes before we infiltrated using CH-47 helicopters – similar to the helicopter that was just lost – into the middle of a Taliban stronghold.  During the next two days there were 27 firefights.  4-4CAV lost one Soldier KIA and two others wounded.  The enemy faired far worse.

These missions are dangerous.  This is the profession of arms and this is war.  Everyone here knows the risks.  The Soldiers here and I would do another such mission tonight.  It’s time to pay our respects and move forward to prosecute the enemy.