Mice Will Play

The case is dropped after the hater is convicted. Why does Eric Holder walk away from the win?

Congress has sought answers from the Department about why the Black Panther case was dismissed. The Department has repeatedly claimed the “facts and law” did not support the case — which of course is false. Others have speculated about a White House involvement. But I believe the best explanation for the corrupt dismissal of the case is the profound hostility by the Obama Civil Rights Division in the Justice Department towards a race-neutral enforcement of civil rights laws.
We have a president who has spent his career working to turn things upside down - whose mission is taking power and wealth from those who have it and turning over to those who don't.
Former Justice Department lawyer J. Christian Adams made explosive allegations yesterday in testimony to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, saying that a particular Justice Department official openly announced that civil rights laws would not be enforced to protect white voters. He also said he saw race-based harassment within the department itself.
You've seen the beginning of this video before, but what comes after is new.
Race-neutral enforcement of civil rights law is a principle nearly all Americans agree with. Equality before the law has been cherished since the founding, and a bloody Civil War sacrificed generations of treasure and life to enshrine race equality into constitutional law.
The radicals who control out government don't believe that all races should be protected by civil rights laws. They only want to protect those who have suffered historical discrimination as a group to be protected from discrimination. Therefore, the Justice Department won't protect white voters from being intimidated at the polls. That's what Adams is saying.