Media Nonsense

Listen to the bulldung that Meredith is throwing at Michele Bachmann - trying to make her, and the Tea Party, responsible for Carl Paladino's gay parade comments on Sunday.

MEREDITH VIEIRA: I need to ask you this, are concerned that the, the Tea Party movement has lost its focus. That instead of concentrating on taxes and spending, it's spending a lot of time debating social issues. We saw that this past weekend in New York. The Republican candidate for governor, Carl Paladino was taken to task for his comments about homosexuals and homosexuality. Do you believe that the Tea Party movement is losing its way?

Lost its way? Sorry, Meredith, it is the Democrats who are floundering, searching desperately for something to say that might trick voters into going easy on them on election day. The more lies they tell, the more they lose voters.