McChrystal Dumped

The president expressed his unhappiness with the General when he fired him today, but didn't go so far as to accuse him of acting stupidly.

Stan McChrystal has always shown great courtesy and carried out my orders faithfully. I've got great admiration for him and for his long record of service in uniform... I relied on his service, particularly in helping to design and lead our new strategy in Afghanistan. So all Americans should be grateful for Gen. McChrystal's remarkable career in uniform.
David Petraeus takes over.
Gen. Petraeus and I were able to spend some time this morning discussing the way forward. I'm extraordinarily grateful that he has agreed to serve in this new capacity. It should be clear to everybody, he does so at great personal sacrifice to himself and to his family. And he is setting an extraordinary example of service and patriotism by assuming this difficult post... In his current post at Central Command, he has worked closely with our forces in Afghanistan.
Making the cover of Rolling Stone works better for some than for others.